Institute Student Companion Programme (ISCP) is a student body with the primary objective of building a relationship of trust and comfort between the final year students and the incoming students of the 2 year M.Sc students. It is here to help the new entrants in getting acclimatised with the functioning of Insti. The scope of this program is not limited just to academics. In Insti various events are organised by the cultural, technical, and sports clubs in IITB. Managing them along with lectures might seem daunting at first, and hence, to help the new entrants with a world of problems including these, ISCP assigns each new entrant a Student Companion. 

Feel Free To Reach Out To Our Mentors

Achyut Ranjan Gogoi

Department Coordinator

I am a travel enthusiast and I like to explore new cultures and places. I completed my graduation from Zakir Husain Delhi College, University of Delhi. Chemistry has always been my first love and I feel privileged to have been a part of the chemistry family of the finest institute in the nation.  

Technical Interests: Computational Chemistry

Things I enjoy: Traveling, Coding, Collecting coins

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Shweta Gaikwad

I have completed my graduation from B.K. Birla College, Mumbai University. I am a very open, social, and affable person. I love to interact with everyone and do things beyond my reach. I am truly blessed to be a part of IITB for pursuing my subject of interest – “Chemistry”.

Technical Interests: Organic Chemistry

Things I enjoy: traveling, dancing, sports

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Ankush Goyal

 I am from Punjab. I have done my graduation from Hansraj College, University of Delhi. Currently. Feel free to contact me for anything ranging from chemistry to memes. 

Technical Interests: Organic Chemistry

Things I enjoy: Reading books and spending time on social media

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Rajesh Kushwaha

 I belong to “The spiritual capital of India”, Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh. I have done my graduation from Banaras Hindu University

Technical Interests: Organic & Inorganic Chemistry

Things I enjoy: Travelling, Movies, cooking 

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Aashi Kasera

I have completed my undergraduation from Hindu College, University of Delhi. Keeping up with the meaning of my name, I like to bring a smile on people’s faces. I love traveling and believe that the best way to explore a place is via its food and friendly banter with the locals. There are only two pure forms of love for me; one for my subject, Chemistry and second for waffles! 🙂

Technical Interests: Organometallic Chemistry

Things I enjoy: Traveling, Dancing and Trying out new things

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Yeshvi Tomar

I hail from Haryana. I am a graduate of Rajdhani College, University of Delhi. I am an optimistic and determined person. I am fond of reading, drawing, and learning about new cultures and languages.

Technical Interests: Biomolecules and bioinorganic

Things I enjoy: movies, reading, sports

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Debasree Mandal

I have done my bachelor’s from Bankura Christian College, West Bengal. I like to lead life positively and believe in hard work. Simplicity is what I aim to achieve in my life (I feel it’s the hardest thing to achieve in times of COVID).

Technical Interests: Physical Chemistry

Things I enjoy: Playing games, reading stories

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Satyabrata Behera

 I have done my bachelor’s degree from Bhadrak autonomous College , Bhadrak,Odisha. I believe I have an inherent helping nature and I find pleasure in helping people. Feel free to contact me in case you have any queries or in trouble

Technical Interests: Organic chemistry

Things I enjoy- Playing Volleyball, listening music

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