It’s the LITTLE memories that will last a LIFETIME!

Kurta Day 2K19

Every Year the Department council organises this traditional day to bring together people of our department to capture some memories with our peers. Junta enjoyed having fun with soap bubbles & other props. We also tried to recreate famous poses .

Trip to Mahabaleshwar 2k19

A beautiful scenic town of Mahabaleswar. The weather was just perfect at the top with clouds greeting the fam with open arms. Post Midsem trips with our peers just allays all the apprehensions one has about their midsem marks . This strawberry town is sure to be on your bucket list incase you haven’t visited yet.

57TH Convocation

On 10th August 2019, the department got together to celebrate the convocation. Moments like these are often hard to witness because you seemingly bid goodbye to our seniors who helped you grow so much as a person. We shall always be thankful to our seniors and wish them the very best for their future endeavours !

Trek to Kalsubai 2k18

This trip shall be remembered as one of the most memorable trips of our department. Trekking to highest peak in Maharashtra, camping, bonfire, late night mafia, boating and then impromptu trip to Sandhan Valley. Summarising this memorable trip in such a short space is indeed a tough task for me.

Trip to Daman 2k18

Junta along with professor B.L Tembe (now retired) & professor Achintya travelled to Daman. This was last semester for Prof. Tembe in IITB & he certainly made every moment count during his last days here. This journey took many unexpectated turns but hey it’s the journey that matters, not the destination. We truly miss prof. Tembe and certainly will wish him the best for his further tenure as prof at IIT Dharwad