Department Council

Department Council is a small body of representatives of B.S., Dual Degree, MSc, Ph.D. students, generally elected by an election every year. This body provides a single point of contact to all the Professors and students for transferring queries, suggestions and complaints both ways. It also represent the department in institute level students’ bodies like Students’ Academic Council, Placement Cell and SARC.

Department council also plays an integral role in providing students’ feedback on various topics to department authorities for further action.

Mrinal Agarwal

Department General Secretary

Contact: 9082487671

Whatsapp: 9314235448

Email me:

Anuj Kumar

PhD Representative

Contact: 9015161749

Whatsapp: 9807604831

Email me:

Suraj Shukla

MSc Representative

Contact/Whatsapp: 8318546891

Email me:

Arnab Sadhukhan

Cultural Secretary

Contact/Whatsapp: 8372815775

Email me:

Prabal Gautam

UG Sports Secretary

Contact/Whatsapp: 7380431608

Email me:

Ajit Yadav

PG Sports Secretary

Contact/Whatsapp: 8417851339

Email me:

Anchal Yadav

Design Secretary

Contact/Whatsapp: 8433574215

Email me:

Class Representatives

Amit Barik

CR MSc 2nd Year

Whatsapp: 9718403993

Contact: 9773727477

Email me:

Kshitij Surjuse

CR BS 4th Year

Contact/Whatsapp: 9834790762

Email me:

Sushant Kumar Pal

CR BS 3rd Year

Contact/Whatsapp: 9540441555

Email me:

Melinati Deepika

CR BS 2nd Year

Contact/Whatsapp: 6300946686

Email me:

Placement Team

Aashi Kasera

Department Placement Coordinator (M.Sc)

Contact/Whatsapp: 9711337200

Email me:

Prerak Gandhi

Department Placement Coordinator (B.S)

Contact/Whatsapp: 9867811454

Email me: