Course Review: CH 410

CH410: Bioinorganic Chemistry

~ By Abhirup Majumdar

Disclaimer: The contents of this page are opinions expressed by individual students. The information provided is for guidance purposes. Use the information at your own risk.



During which semester & year you took the course ?

Spring Semester 2019

Course Instructor

Prof. Debabrata Maiti

What grade was awarded to you?


Course Difficulty (On a scale of 1 to 5)


Comment on the grading done by the professor in your opinion?

Lenient, great grading stats

What was the Attendance Policy?

No strict rules as such, but sometimes sir likes to take surprise attendance and have some fun.


Prior knowledge of any biology related things is not required, only basic inorganic concepts are needed.

This Course evaluation comprises of

2 quizzes (best of 3) + midsem + endsem, weightage as usual

What are the topics covered in the course?

The course description in ASC is self-explanatory. In short, 410 is all about metalloproteins. Several features like the reaction mechanism at the active sites, cooperativity, etc are discussed taking a number of examples.

How were the Lectures for this course?

Sir uses detailed slides to teach in the lectures, taking notes is recommended for the extra materials.

How were the Exams for this course?

Most of the problems in exams are taken or inspired directly from the slides only, so highly recommended to go through each of them.

How are the Assignments & Projects for this course?


Any tips for the junta to perform well in the course?

Along with proper understanding of the concepts, I felt that the course do require quite a bit of mugging. Given that everything is provided in the slides only, scoring is easy if you put the necessary effort (which I didn’t in my time if you look at my grade :P)

References used in this course:

Principles of Bioinorganic Chemistry by S.J. Lippard

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