“My Experience with Industry Internship at ONGC” – Akash Chandresh Sheth

Internship experience of Akash

I’m Akash Chandresh sheth, 2nd-year M.Sc student here to share my industry internship experience at ONGC during my winter breaks 

Bagging the Internship

I would confess securing an Internship offer at ONGC is not at all difficult. The process might be tedious but they assure you to provide an internship to each and everyone who fulfills the criteria and applies accordingly. We have to start by filling out an internship application form in an offline manner and submit with documents such as NOC from the college stating the college doesn’t mind with this internship and they have no issues with it. Along with this, one LOR is also to be submitted with the application form offline.

The Work

We weren’t assigned anything specific to work on. They have a very strict policy regarding discipline and safety-related concerns. Under no circumstance, should you be involved in anything which they have advised not to do.  I worked in Kerosene and Aviation Turbine fuel labs. I learned about the various parameters which are crucial for checks and maintenance regarding the quality of fuels. Also, they have highly advanced, automatic machines which I did get to learn to operate. They follow various Standard Operating Procedures for using each instrument. Towards the end, I got a brief yet worthy experience in the working of the water treatment plants. 

Difference between Industry & Academia-Research labs 

Both environments possess their own perks and flaws. If you are planning to go for a research career ahead then working in a lab would be more useful because in industries there are fixed procedures that are meant to be followed. In ONGC, our main task is only to observe things and we are not given the liberty to explore many things on our own owing to safety-related concerns. Also, they won’t allow you to work with any ongoing new research projects. Thus my suggestion would be that if research is on your mind as a student, labs are the better option. However, ONGC is indeed a good choice if you want to know how the largest producer in our country carries out its day to day operations, ranging from its operating procedures to the safety measures they follow.

Daily Schedule

The schedule was flexible but it was compulsory to report for attendance daily. Timings were usually from 9 am- 5 pm. The staff was very friendly. All one needed to do was to follow the safety instructions explained by them. As long as you followed it, you’d be fine. We did have a lunch break for about 1 hour. Also, mobile phones were strictly not allowed inside.

Takeaways from this experience

From an industrial point of view, it was quite an adequate and quality internship. I got to learn a lot about advanced instruments, about Aviation fuels, Kerosene, LPG, water treatment, and much more to add to the list. However, the biggest takeaway for me was the fact that utmost priority was given to the importance of the safety of human life in such places. They did teach me how to be disciplined, active, and focussed in every scenario, every moment of life. 

Message to juniors reading this post in a hope of bagging an industrial intern.

Internship bagging is quite easy for ONGC but it is surely a tedious process. Also, the dates are not announced in advance. They notify only 10 days prior to internship commencement. It provides you with very good industrial experience and also opens doors for you to learn and explore more about the various activities being carried out in ONGC. This will be a memorable experience for anyone who is eager to learn and thrive in an industrial setting.

Cover picture credits : How to bag ONGC Internship?

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