Course Review : CH584

CH584: Biophysical Chemistry

~ By Banti Barman

Disclaimer:The content of this page are opinions expressed by individual students. The information provided is for guidance purposes. Use the information at your own risk.



During which semester & year you took the course ?

Autumn Semester 2019-20

Course Instructor

Prof. Y.U.Sasidhar

What grade was awarded to you?


Course Difficulty (On a scale of 1 to 5)


Comment on the grading done by the professor in your opinion?

It was rather absolute grading by professor

What was the Attendance Policy?

No DX enforced but 80% attendance is expected.



This Course evaluation comprises of?

Quizzes (20%), Mid-Sem (30%), End-sem (50%)

What are the topics covered in the course?

Protein Folding Kinetics, Conformational Analysis of Proteins, Conformation energy calculation using the potential energy of interactions, Helix- Coil Transition, Helix-Coil Equilibrium, Fractional Helicity, Zipper Model, Co-operativity, Calorimetric tests for intermediates, Differential Scanning Calorimetry, Ramachandran Plot Analysis, Thermodynamics of Salt-bridge formation, Potassium Channel.

How were the Lectures for this course?

The course content revolves around the equal mathematical and theoretical part. Lengthy calculations were involved & since I like mathematics, hence I enjoyed learning this course. Most of the things are fairly easy to understand. The topics can be quite useful for further research in Protein Dynamics and simulations.

How were the Exams for this course?

Quizzes and Mid-sem were moderate but End-sem was a bit tough. End-Sem exam involved both subjective as well as objective questions. The professor also gives a great weightage to diagrams in the answers.

How are the Assignments & Projects for this course?

No Assignments & Projects were there.

Any tips for the junta to perform well in the course?

go through all the slides and class notes scrupulously.

References used in this course:

Biophysical Chemistry- Cantor & Schimmel

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