“Why bagging the first position in Gyrations was the most sentimental moment for me” – Shruti Sose

Hello, My name is Shruti Sose, a final year undergraduate student. I am here to share my Dance journey & the fun experiences I had so far in insti. I started dancing here from 1st year itself. I was always fond of dancing but never got the proper opportunity before coming to insti. At this time you realize what a lifechanging place insti is. Hold tight!

Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost 😉 (“The movie is still left, my friend”)

Why is dance special to me?

Well, dance makes me happy at the very least. I find Dancing quite refreshing and energizing in terms of physical fitness as well as mental stress. I think you really don’t need to have something called “a god gift” to start dancing, I personally believe it’s just that if one can feel the music then they can dance too. As cliche as it might sound, I would argue profusely “Anybody can dance”. Try Dance for yourself. 

Music is something that makes most people happy and feeling that music and moving make me happy. Whichever music it is, it just creates happiness. And last but not the least, it helps to improve your physic too.

Leading & Bagging 1st position in Gyrations for Hostel

Gyration was one of the best parts of my journey. We started our ideation right after midterms, approximately 1month before Gyrations. An honest confession about ideation is that it needs a lot of time and doesn’t just come up in a 5-10days because eventually, you need to start practice soon. Watching random dance videos throughout the year helps a lot in incorporating ideas for our own performance. So for those who wish to lead dance choreo I would suggest watching as many videos as you can to get an idea about how performance should look like. 

Obviously, I had seniors with me with even more experience of performance from whom I was able to learn a lot. Ideation, track making, convincing people to dance, execution, run through, handling people in a given 12min of time on stage, every step needs a lot of patience and integrity.

Sadly this session, sophomores were not living in H10 so it was difficult for us to make practices happen. Making them realize how important this competition was the toughest part😛

Thankfully everyone worked hard and it was only possible because of teamwork and nothing else. Everyone was equally sentimental at the end of that performance and gave everything to make it best to its level. And no wonder bagging 1st position made me cry because it was dream come true which I had since 1st year.

Our dance performance

Managing Academics

I don’t believe in the saying ‘Nachte Rahoge to acads bigad jayega’ (“You’ll mess up your acads if you dance often”). Honestly, you always find time for things that you wish to prioritize. If you think that if you will dance you will waste your time which was supposed to be given to acads, but believe we waste time more than that in general and I realized that in the 2nd semester itself. During 1st semester all I did was dancing and cut lukkha. Even though dance was occupying most of my time, It was a major time kill (lukkha) which was the sole reason for my bad academic performance in 1st sem. 

I participated in AIDS thereafter in the 2nd semester and tried managing acads with better efficiency as I tried to decrease my time kill aka lukkha. And it really worked out. What we need at the time of competition is to become a little bit efficient in time management.

I feel because everyone has time, all that they need is real enthu to perform. Let me confess, none of the very best performances take more than 15 days. I believe if you’re enjoying the journey 15 days is barely a breeze through 😉

Dance your heart out peeps ❤

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