Helping the needy with my Sketching skills – Sayantan Biswas

Hello there, My name is Sayatan Biswas and I’m presently pursuing my Ph.D.  under Prof. Suvarn S. Kulkarni. I had joined IITB back in July of 2015 under the FA category (UGC scholarship) and right now I’m in the fifth year of my Ph.D. course. We work on sugar molecules chemistry broadly. I’m here to talk about my Hobby of Sketching and how I found a way to help the needy during these trying times 

How did it start?

I enjoyed drawing even when I didn’t join any sketching school. I used to draw with a pen, pencil, or whatever I get in front of me on blank paper. Then my parents realized that I get engrossed whilst drawing so they admitted me to a local drawing school. Till 10th standard (2007) I was in that school and because of +2 studies, I could not continue. Post that till 2015 I was pretty out of touch with sketching and from 2016 , I started again because I found that it’s a way of meditation for me. It turned out to be a way to reduce my depression. When I started again I saw that my friends, relatives were all are amazed to see those works which gave me more motivation to continue. I tried to improve myself by drawing portraits. Then I met a few friends from Instagram, IITB Rang & I realized that they are far better and professional which made me think that there are lots of places where I can improve myself. That’s how I started to make my hand perfect by doing continuous practice. 

Cause I’m involved with currently

I have a personal weakness for the orphans. I believe that there are lots of talents hidden deep inside them. There are 20 million orphans in India alone, if we can provide them with proper education and infrastructure then they can utilize their talents to make our country proud. So in 2017, I started an initiative that I’ll draw and sell my artworks and the selling money will go to them as donations. But because of research works commitments, I could not continue. 

Now because of the pandemic, I saw many people were walking miles without any support. Some weren’t even able to eat or drink for days. I have never seen hunger being such an issue in our country in my life. These things tore me apart from inside and make me weep. I wanted to help so I thought this is the best time to do so because in the future I will not get this much free time and opportunity. 

I started to sell my artworks and with the money, I started to donate to many NGO’s who are taking care of those who are vulnerable the most. Many people understood how serious the situation is and they also kept faith in me. So Many people came forward to help me and now this initiative got success. I am truly grateful to all those who helped me with this cause.

How can we purchase sketches?

-People can directly contact me through mail, phone no, or through social media. They have to give me order (send me the photo they want me to draw and also the money), I’ll give them the picture as soon as possible (send them the hard copy through speed post) and also I’ll show them where I have donated that amount. Also if anyone wants then they can directly donate to an NGO or any relief fund and show me the receipt, I’ll give them their order, but its a kind request they need to inform me before donation.

Mail id:

facebook page:

Instagram id:

Current progress & What is the way forward?

Currently, I already donated almost 1.2 lakh rupees but this is just a drop in an ocean. So many people are still suffering. People are still not getting food and they won’t for a long time so I thought if I can make a team with other artists and increase the speed of this process then many more people can get foods. Currently, I have made a team and we are working on that.

New initiatives 

Because of lockdown I have seen many advertisements of online coaching classes. So I got a little inspiration from that thought.

I am also starting to give online classes on basic drawings, the tuition fees collectee will be donated to the needy people again. The first course starts on 27th of June. More details on my Facebook page 

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