My experience of working in Chemical Industry – Deepti Taneja


Hey there ! I’m Deepti Taneja, M.Sc graduate of 2019 batch currently working with Aarti Industries for about a year now. I am here to share my Industry job experience to help juniors gain a broader perspective about jobs in Industry.

Bagging Job

I got a notification from the Placement office (DPC) on Placement portal of IIT Bombay,  this Industry was related to my core subject so I signed the JAF following which there was a preliminary test related to Chemistry, thankfully I got shortlisted and was called for an interview. Doing well in the interview landed me this job and Voila ! I got my offer letter that very day

What made you choose the core sector amid the rising non-core fields? 

I was always interested in doing a core job, that’s why I only applied for it. This completely boils down to one’s interest 

My Work

I am working in the R & D Department of Aarti Industries Ltd. which is the leading Manufacturer of Benzene based chemicals. So far I have worked in both analytical and synthesis departments. Then after a few months, my work shifted to systems (making guidelines for the R & D Department, software evaluation that could be used in the future for the company’s development). I also got a chance to contact senior officers (some highly experienced employees) of the company. This past year, I have learned a lot and experienced various genres in the manufacturing industry.

How close does your profile at the time of graduating match with the work you are doing right now? 

My education and practical knowledge of chemistry helped me work in the R & D Laboratory of the company. Also, my managerial and leadership skills that I developed while completing my education helped me manage various situations and people too! I will be promoted as Assistant Manager in June 2020.

Deepti (2nd from right) with her industry colleagues

Research in Insti Vs Industry 

In insti, we have to think of a novel (something new all the time)  research idea every time whereas, in industries, research on the processes that are being carried out in the production has already been done. All the processes related to the raw materials as well as the end product have been duly investigated. For instance, in Aarti Industries, every research will involve benzene chemistry as the company focuses on its production primarily. 

Daily Schedule

Currently, I am living in Vapi but I have to often go to Navi Mumbai for work as a new R&D center is coming up there sometime later. Usually, my daily schedule includes going to the office from Monday to Saturday (9:00 AM to 5:45 PM), however, we have a holiday on the second and fourth Saturdays.

The transition and some bitter truths

College to corporate transition is really strenuous. Sometimes, you don’t like things at your workplace but can’t actually do anything about it owing to your restricted authority in the matters. Every minute characteristic about you is noticed and judged in corporate life. This way of working was alien to me, and I was not used to the epiphanic negatives that creep around from nowhere. Insti was way more fun and had people who you could trust and call your own. Here, however, the workplace and people around are often very annoying. Sometimes, I feel so exhausted that I just start craving for home. My home is very far, unfortunately, and therefore, every trip has to be meticulously planned out. Now, whenever I feel worn out and emotionally strained, I call up my friends and family, and that makes me better.Somewhere within this transition i am evolving as a person too 🙂

Message to juniors reading this post in a hope of bagging an industry job

A lot of learning is there in an industrial job. You have to keep faith in yourself. 

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