Course review : CH425/CH812

CH425 : Chemical Bond and Molecular Geometry

~ by Muskaan Kochar

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During which semester & year you took the course ?

Autumn Semester 2019

Course Instructor

Prof. Rajarshi Chakrabarti (pre-midsem) and Prof. Achintya Dutta (post-midsem)

What grade was awarded to you?


Course Difficulty (On a scale of 1 to 5)


Comment on the grading done by the professor in your opinion?

I feel it was quite fair

What was the Attendance Policy?

No DX grades were awarded


a little prior understanding quantum mechanics will be a boon. for UG’s brushing up CH107 will likely help.

This Course evaluation comprises of?

Quizzes, Assignment(s), Mid-Sem, End-Sem

Assignments 2-3(10%), Quizzes (10%) Midsem (30%) Endsem (50%)

What are the topics covered in the course?

Postulates of quantum mechanics; hermitian operators; complete set. (A brief revision of PH107 and CH107, time to brush up those skills). Derivation of the uncertainty relations. Exactly solvable problems, orbital angular momentum, and the hydrogen atom. Spin, spin orbitals, and characteristics of a many-electron wave function.
Variation theorem, variation method, the linear variation method, and the non-crossing rule. Applications: Many-electron atoms, self-consistent field, atomic orbitals, Slater Type Orbitals, Slater exponents and the periodic properties of elements; LCAO-MO, Hückel orbitals; Born-Oppenheimer approximation, Potential energy surface;Hydrogen molecule ion, Hydrogen molecule; Qualitative molecular orbitals for homo- and hetero-nuclear diatomics
Time-independent perturbation theory
The valence bond treatment of hydrogen molecule; moment; Valence-bond wave functions for polyatomic molecules

How were the Lectures for this course?

It’s an intriguing course where everything can be proved mathematically under certain assumptions to get an exact or approximate solution. Attending lectures will save a lot of time that one may spend by trying to understand the concepts on by themselves. It’s an interactive class and helps one understand the nuances of this course. For those who enjoy Maths or Physics, this is the course you all have been waiting for!

How were the Exams for this course?

The exams are a balanced mix of the concepts, class examples and their basic application. One needs to be thorough with the concepts while answering the questions. Paying attention in class and solving the assignments will help in scoring a good grade. As there is no ambiguity in the answers and everything can be proven mathematically only the right steps will fetch one marks. As it’s not a half-semester course, everything taught by both the professors will be asked during the endsem.

How are the Assignments & Projects for this course?

If one can solve the assignments the exams will be a cakewalk. If one cannot, the solutions are discussed elaborately in class and help in building upon the concepts and clearing doubts thereby preparing one for the examination. Overall, the assignments are extremely relevant.

Any tips for the junta to perform well in the course?

It’s simple, attend the lectures (cannot emphasise enough on this point and it saves a lot of time), solve the assignments and read whatever the professor uploads (which isn’t a lot). If you like this course, try doing CH560 as an elective/ honours course.

References used in this course:

1) Griffiths: Introduction to Quantum Mechanics (easily available on gen.lib.rus)
2) D. A. McQuarrie: Quantum Chemistry (Prof will send the relevant chapter)

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