Course review : CH229

CH229 : Chemical Thermodynamics

~ by Harshvardhan Nigam

Disclaimer: The content of this page are opinions expressed by individual students. The information provided is for guidance purposes. Use the information at your own risk.



During which semester & year you took the course ?

Autumn Semester 2018

Course Instructor

Prof. Ruchi Anand

What grade was awarded to you?


Course Difficulty (On a scale of 1 to 5)


Comment on the grading done by the professor in your opinion?

Extremely lenient grading done by the professor

What was the Attendance Policy?

No DX grades were awarded



This Course evaluation comprises of?

Tutorials which you need to submit as a mark of attendance . 2 standard quizes are there as well as standard midterm and endterm examination

Quizzes each weigh (15 %) where as midterm weighs 30 % and end term weighs (40 %)

What are the topics covered in the course?

Thermodynamic functions, laws of thermodynamics, properties of entropy, criteria for spontaneity and equilibrium, properties of free energy, Gibbs and Maxwell’s relations. Chemical potential, ideal and real gases, properties of fugacity, mixing and excess functions. Chemical equilibrium, Le Chatelier’s principle, partial molar quantities, standard states. Phase equilibrium involving one, two and three components. Equilibrium in condensed phases: ideal solution and colligative properties, binary solutions and azeotropes.

How were the Lectures for this course?

the lectures in the start are pretty mundane to revise all the mundane thermodynamic theory but towards the end new interesting topics are introduced . The instructor is extremely friendly and speaks very frankly to students

How were the Exams for this course?

The exams are engaging and thought provoking. the students are requested to work hard for them and not to get swayed by the past years grading statistics . the professor is extremely lenient in grading the paper but don’t take it for granted

How are the tutorials for this course?

tutorials are thought provoking but fun to solve. usually TA solves them in class after a week of being uploaded

Any tips for the junta to perform well in the course?

practicing questions is highly recommended . read reference books to get the concept better

References used in this course:

Atkins, Callen, Castellan, klotz

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